Why do we waste our lives as servants?


Context: In the U.S.

Why do we waste the so much of our lives as servants to people that we don't care about? We spend at least 40 hours per week working for other people to become richer than ourselves. That's 35% [168 hrs/week - 56 hrs sleep/week / 40 hrs working] of our waking life from ~22 yrs old to ~65 yrs old. If you live to 75, you spend over 20% of your entire life doing work for someone else. And this isn't to mention the so-called education required to get the servant job. And don't think self-employment is anything but a new boss.

Do you enjoy working? Or are you happy even half of the time you are working? I'm not. I know a ton of people that aren't. I know a ton of movies/books written about people that aren't. So why the fuck do we do it? For food/shelter/[shiny thing]? I guess so. How much does food and shelter cost? Why don't we say fuck buying shiny things, let's minimize food/shelter cost and create our own shiny thing?

No, we want to be servants for a large portion of lives, apparently. We grovel at the foot of a master so that we can try to paint over the deadness we feel inside with bullshit products another master says we need to buy. The deadness, which grows out of our servitude, expands with every work day, until we finally are distracted by the weekend. Then Monday comes and we continue our march in honor of our employer. Thus, until death is but a decade away and we retire. Some of us, those lucky to get that far.

I, for one, am done. From this day forward I will buy/grow the most economical food. I will buy/build the most economical abode. I will forgo the shiny thing or make one myself at a lesser cost. I'm so very tired of being a servant. Are you?

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